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This is Sparzelburg (2019)

Comedy, Mockumentary

Ellie Sparzelburg and her partner Andrea Burtonmeier take on the Piyer sisters in an epic and dramatic women's duo ping pong tournament.

Starring: Erin Stanphill, Adam Brown, Claire Porter, Sydnie LeBlanc, Gregor Patti, Emily Arthur, Christian Carrew

Directed, Written & Shot By: Taylor Middleton, Taliya Harman, & Tony King

Edited By: Tony King

Music By: Taylor Middleton

This film was made in 48 was some of the longest 48 hours of filmmaking ever. Location to location, the time constraints, the duration of the project...but it was also some of the best fun I've had making a movie. The cast was extremely available and willing to put in their all and everyone enjoyed the process. Even if it was stressful at times. Admittedly, a lot of the jokes are mostly funny to us who made the movie, it's not the most successful we've been at doing comedy. The major takeaway we get from this film is that we ACTUALLY made it! We had a free weekend and set out to make a movie. It was early in our film school career and pretty ambitious to say the least. We learned. how to get it done and did so.

Film Festivals:

Oxford Reels 48 Hour Film Competition 2019

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