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Algorithm (2020)

Suspense, Drama

Mainey's life takes a turn when he decides to meet his online best friend in person for the first time.

Written and Directed by: Tony King

Cinematography by: Tony King and Taliya Harman

Starring: Adam Brown, Jas Ballansaw, Abel Potter, Jake Hall

Originally written for a screenwriting course to later be conceived in a directing course, this film was a very extensive process for a student film. Having shot more than half the movie in March 2020, production halted due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It almost seemed a lost cause, but a variety of rewrites allowed the film to be finished under Covid-19 safety protocols and finished production in October of 2020. From the first draft, Algorithm endured many story and thematic changes. Overall, the experience was challenging but extremely constructive.

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