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What We Left Behind (2018)

Genre: Documentary

Rating: 4/5

Fantastic Nostalgia and Curiosity

From Ira Behr, the show runner for my favorite ever Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine comes an intriguing and fantastic Documentary. The documentary sees cast interviews and stories as well as a hypothesis for the first episode of an 8th season of the show. I thought this was a very clever and atypical inclusion.

The interviews with the cast are great. There are some genuinely funny moments between cast members and also based off the content they have been given. There are some moments that really made me tear up because they were sad or nostalgic. I gained a lot of respect for the team behind my favorite show. There was wonderful insight on the minds behind the show.

It’s always great to understand why a show is the way it is and this documentary explains many decisions taken on Deep Space Nine. It was a very controversial show because of its serialized storytelling and because it takes place on a stationary space station. As they explain, Deep Space Nine has been aided by time and the changes in pop culture. Taking into account challenges behind the show, just made me like it more.

This documentary was incredibly touching. The heart put into this show and documentary is very respectable. Ira and the cast worked so well together in this documentary, they had a great chemistry together and everyone seemed invested in telling the truth. The cast and creators were honest in their opinions, even when they were negative and sad.

The aspect of this documentary which separates it from any other documentary of a show or film I have seen is the pitch of a new episode. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the story they thought of telling, the animation and work behind it was very compelling. It was nice to get a glimpse as to how the writing team worked for Deep Space Nine. As a film student. It was not only entertaining but informative. The style they went with the movie reflected on everything you’d love from the original show, therefore it kept us all on our toes.

Overall, this is definitely one of the best documentaries I have seen this year and definitely of the ones based on a film or TV Show. Not only is it honest and emotional, it explores many curiosities I had about the show and fulfilled nostalgia that I had. Would I watch it again? You don’t say this often for documentaries, but yes. I’ve seen it twice and a third would only do it more justice. Should you watch it? Yes! Whether or not you have seen Deep Space Nine or not, this will show you the power of Star Trek.

Tony King

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